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About Bearings Distributors Weskus

Our company started trading on the West Coast in January 2003 as the FAG Franchise for the area (the area was previously serviced by us through the FAG Cape Town Franchise). After FAG was globally taken over by the Schaeffler Group in 2005, all the FAG Franchises in South Africa were dissolved and hence we started trading as Bearings Distributors (Pty) Ltd (established in South Africa in 1953 ).

The business was taken over by us in May 2006 and we have since being trading as Bearings Distributors Weskus (Pty) Ltd. We have grown and added many top quality brands to the various products we offer. As always, SERVICE is of great importance and has enabled us grow to where we are today. We offer "Turnkey" solutions where most or all items required for many applications can be supplied by us, saving time and streamlining the process. In the manufacturing industry "time is money" and we have adapted our level of service accordingly.

Through our experience in the Bearing Trade, we can source many parts that are normally hard to find and can fly them in from all over the world with very short delivery times.